Senior Couple Adopts 2 More Children

8:37 PM, Nov 10, 2010   |    comments
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BUFFALO, NY-- Most adults approaching 50 or in their 60's are planning for retirement, enjoying their grandchildren, maybe looking for life to slow down a little bit.

But not Shari and Curtis Smith.

They've already raised children who are in their 20's, and they have four grandchildren. But, Thursday they added to their family.

They officially adopted four-year-old Deondre and two-year-old Raelynn.

This is the second time that the Smith's have adopted.

The house is full of even more love with big brother Jamari and big sister Nina.

Shari Smith says the adoption is a relief, and she hopes other couples will be inspired.

Shari Smith says, "You don't have to be young... you can be an older person and if you still have the strength and the ability and the love... you can open your home and do this."

Gail Sunshine-May with Child & Family Services says, "The fact that these children are being adopted by their foster parents is the best case scenario. These are the parents who have loved them who have tucked them into bed at night."

Child and Family Services has more information on opening your home as a foster parents.

It's rare that cameras are allowed into Family Court, but the Honorable Patricia Maxwell allowed cameras.

She's adopted too, and welcomed Deondre and Raelynn to the club with a pinkie shake.

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