Squirrel Returned to Wild After Tiger Attack at Buffalo Zoo

8:50 PM, Jan 5, 2011   |    comments
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BUFFALO, NY -- One lucky squirrel who survived a run-in with some tigers at the Buffalo Zoo was returned to the wild Wednesday.

The squirrel was noticed within the tiger enclosure last week.  Catherine Carroll from the Zoo says the "tigers were being tigers" playing with the squirrel and tossing it around. 

Zookeepers lured the tigers back indoors with some meat, before heading into the enclosure.  They found the squirrel still alive.

The squirrel was taken to the Erie County SPCA to be rehabilitated.  We're told part of it's tail needed to be amputated, but otherwise it's alright.

Joel Thomas from the SPCA says even though we think of them as cute, fluffy creatures, "Grey squirrels are tough as nails, they're survivors."

The squirrel was returned to a spot close to the attack; of course not in the animal enclosure.

The SPCA says they do that because it's the animal's natural habitat, and it already has dens built in their territory.

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